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iPhone 6s首周末销量破纪录 中国贡献大

本文摘要:Apple’s iPhone juggernaut is showing no signs of slowing down — at least where first-weekend sales are concerned.苹果(Apple)难以置信的iPhone销售没呈现出上升迹象——最少从首个周末的销量来看是这样。

Apple’s iPhone juggernaut is showing no signs of slowing down — at least where first-weekend sales are concerned.苹果(Apple)难以置信的iPhone销售没呈现出上升迹象——最少从首个周末的销量来看是这样。On Monday, Apple said it had sold more than 13 million new iPhone 6s and 6s Plus devices since they became available for sale on Friday, a record for first-weekend sales. That was up from the 10 million iPhones sold last year during the first weekend that the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus were sold.本周一,苹果公司回应,新的iPhone 6s和6s Plus从上周五开始发售以来共计售出了逾1300万部,刷新了首个周末的销售记录。


去年iPhone 6和6 Plus的首个周末销量为1000万部。Any increase in sales was most likely helped by the geography of the markets where the new iPhones became available. This year, the iPhones went on sale in a dozen countries and territories, including China, which is one of Apple’s biggest markets. Last year, China was not among the countries that sold the iPhone on the first weekend, apparently because the devices had not received approval from Chinese regulators.新的iPhone销量快速增长的最重要原因,有可能是其亮相市场的变化。iPhone今年的亮相市场还包括十几个国家和地区,其中就有苹果仅次于的市场之一中国。去年,中国不出iPhone的亮相地区名单中,或许是因为设备当时没取得中国监管机构的批准后。


Adding China to the product introduction more than doubled the initial market size, according to Walter Piecyk, an analyst at BTIG Research. Jan Dawson, the chief analyst at Jackdaw Research, said he also expected first-weekend sales to be higher than last year because the period for ordering the new iPhones before their sale date was longer than that for the previous generation of the device.BTIG研究公司(BTIG Research)分析师沃尔特·皮西科(Walter Piecyk)回应,将中国重新加入亮相地区名单使得初始市场规模减少了一倍多。穴鸟研究公司(Jackdaw Research)的首席分析师珍·道森(Jan Dawson)回应,他也指出首个周末的销量不会多达去年,因为与前一代产品比起,新的iPhone从预计到销售相距的时间要长一些。

The sales numbers slightly outpaced some Wall Street estimates. Daniel Ives, an analyst at FBR Capital, projected that Apple would sell 13 million phones on the opening weekend, and he said that Wall Street had expected that Apple would sell about 12 million. Gene Munster of Piper Jaffray had predicted sales of 12 million to 13 million.这一销售数据稍微多达了华尔街的一些预测。FBR资本市场公司(FBR Capital Markets)分析师丹尼尔·艾夫斯(Daniel Ives)预计苹果在预售周末不会售出1300万部手机,他回应,华尔街指出苹果不会卖出约1200万部。派杰投资研究公司(Piper Jaffray)分析师基尼·蒙斯特(Gene Munster)预计销量在1200万至1300万之间。

First-weekend sales help indicate overall iPhone demand, an important measure given that the device accounts for the majority of Apple’s revenue. The initial sales also are a marker for how well the new smartphones may do during the end-of-year holiday season, which is typically the most significant sales period for consumer product companies.首个周末的销售数字在一定程度上体现了对iPhone的总体市场需求,是一个最重要的衡量标准,因为iPhone为苹果带给了大部分收益。最初的销售状况也伴随着新款iPhone智能手机在年终假日季的展现出不会有多好。对于个人消费品公司而言,年终假日季一般来说是最重要的销售时段。


This year, UBS estimates that Apple will sell 78.4 million iPhones in the December quarter, up four million from last year, while FBR predicts the sale of 77 million iPhones.瑞银(UBS)预计,苹果在今年第四季度将不会卖出7840万部iPhone,比去年减少400万,而FBR资本市场预测,iPhone的销量将不会超过7700万部。Over the weekend, people camped out in front of some Apple stores to buy the new iPhones, a trend that has become something of a tradition. To cut down on long wait times in line, Apple let people sign up online for time slots during which to pick up their phones in stores.周末期间,人们在一些苹果商店前野餐,以便卖到新款iPhone。这一潮流早已变为了某种传统。

为了增加漫长的排队等候时间,苹果让顾客在网上购票,选好前往商店拿手机的时间段。Mr. Ives said he was at the Apple store on Fifth Avenue in Manhattan on Friday, where he saw about 1,100 customers in line for the 8 a.m. appointment slot and 500 more people walking in without appointments, which is more than he saw last year.艾夫斯回应,他周五去了坐落于曼哈顿第五大道的苹果商店,看见约1100名顾客排队等候在上午8点的购票时段,还有500多名予以购票而来的顾客,这比他去年看到的人多。At the Apple store in the Grove mall in Los Angeles, customers stood in the 90-degree heat to collect their new phones. Store employees handed out free bottled water, packs of Capri Sun, fruit and granola bars and provided large umbrellas for shade.在坐落于洛杉矶格鲁夫购物中心的苹果商店,顾客们在华氏90度(约合32摄氏度)的高温下排队等候提供自己的新手机。


商店员工发给了免费的瓶装水、可沛利(Capri Sun)饮料、水果燕麦棒,并获取大型遮阳伞。Late in the afternoon, the “Glee” TV star Lea Michele stopped by the Grove to pick up her phone: the iPhone 6s Plus in Apple’s new rose-gold color.相似傍晚时分,主演《快乐合唱团》(Glee)的电视明星莱亚·米歇尔(Lea Michele)回到格鲁夫所取回头自己的手机:苹果新的发售的玫瑰金iPhone 6s Plus。



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