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【lol世界赛下注】乔布斯时间胶囊 沉睡30年重见天日

本文摘要:A time capsule buried by Apple founder Steve Jobs 30 years ago has been discovered after its location was long forgotten.一个由苹果公司创始人史蒂夫·乔布斯在30年前祸根的时间胶囊,日前在当初埋的地点被找到,不过这个时间胶囊早就被当事人给消逝了。


A time capsule buried by Apple founder Steve Jobs 30 years ago has been discovered after its location was long forgotten.一个由苹果公司创始人史蒂夫·乔布斯在30年前祸根的时间胶囊,日前在当初埋的地点被找到,不过这个时间胶囊早就被当事人给消逝了。In 1983, the young tech innovator was attending a conference in Aspen when he and the group decided to bury as a stunt during a design convention.1983年,年长的科技创新者乔布斯来阿斯彭参与大会,他和团队在一次设计会议上要求祸根这个时间胶囊。

The tube that was filled with an eclectic collection of goods- ranging from the then-new apple mouse to a six-pack of beer for the people who discovered the time capsule- was meant to be dug up 20 years later.管子里装有了五花八门不少东西:从当时的新款苹果鼠标,到为找到时间胶囊的人打算的六罐装的啤酒。他们原计划是在20年后打开这个时间胶囊。There was a problem with that plan, however, as everyone involved forgot where it was buried.不过这个计划出有了问题,因为当时所有参与者都记得了挖出的地点。

The final discovery happened at the hands of the crew from the National Geographic Channels reality show called Diggers.最后找到时间胶囊的,还是美国国家地理频道真人秀节目《Diggers 》的栏目组成员。The discovery was well documented and is surely going to be featured on an upcoming episode, and even the experts had problems finding this particular treasure.这次的找到被细心记录下来,而且认同不会沦为未来某一集节目的主题,不过就算是这个节目的专家,在寻找这个尤其的宝物时也颇费了一番功夫。


CNET reports that in spite of their preparations and clear idea of where the 13-foot-long tube was, it still took them two hours to dig it up using heavy machinery.CNET报导说道,虽然他们准备充分,也十分确切这个长约13英尺的管子的具体位置,但挖出还是花上了两个小时,过程中还中用了重型机械。To anyone removed from the tech industry, the accomplishment in finding the tube appears to be the biggest accomplishment.对于靠近科技行业的人来说,找到这个管状的时间胶囊或许就是一项仅次于的顺利。To others, the most interesting object would likely be the Lisa mouse placed in the tube by the hands of a then-28-year-old Jobs.但对于业内人来说,管子里最让人感兴趣的东西有可能就是丽莎鼠标,这是由当年28岁的乔布斯特地放进去的。

The Lisa Mouse, which Jobs named after his daughter, was one of the first commercial computer mice soled publicly, making it a rarity at the time.丽莎鼠标是乔布斯用女儿的名字命名的,也是第一代公开发表销售的商务电脑专用鼠标,在当时实属少见。The Aspen Historical Society is going to help the show creators catalogue the tubes contents- but no word yet whether or not the Diggers cracked open one of the six bottles of Boddingtons Ale that was left inside for the people who found the tube.阿斯彭历史协会也回应将协助栏目负责人整理时间胶囊的目录表格,不过关于《Diggers》栏目组成员是不是关上时间胶囊中为找到管子的人打算的宝汀顿啤酒,目前暂不消息。



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